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I remember long ago my Gramma Mac making me (and my sisters) bowls of chocolate ice cream in little brown plastic bowls. There were no sprinkles, no syrup and no whipped cream but me and my sisters would whip the ice cream around in the bowl and make it into a consistency that was (in my Grandmother's words) 'Fit for a Queen'. Then Gramma Mac would taste the ice cream to make sure it was perfect for her little queens. My Grampa Corsey was more of a carnival type guy, always taking us out and happy that he had someone to ride the dizzy rides with. Afterwards we would go to the ice cream parlour and I would order a Banana Split. He never complained about the size of whatever us girls wanted. As far as I can remember I was never able to finish the banana split... however it was always gone when we left the parlour.

The memories I have of my grandparents are many, but these moments are especially perfect. It would make me very happy to help create these types of memories for others. ~ Karen

If the moment moves you, share your story.

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