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Gellicious Gelato has more than 45 flavours for it's Quite Cool to choose from
We Simply don't have space for them all -
so we like to showcase the favourites,  rotate some Specialties and then....
 Carry a 'Secret Stash' that only our fans know to ask for.
Are you a fan?  Let us know what you fancy... and we'll Stash it!

Chocolate Gelato 

Smooth Velvety Creamy Supple Texture with a Rich Intense Fudge Flavour. 

Serving Size 90g / 730kj 

Protein 2.7%

Fat 7.7%

Carbohydrates  23.7%


Vanilla Bean Gelato

Silky Fresh Vanilla Bean - understated with a classic satisfying taste.  

Serving Size  90g / 698kj

Protein  3.4%

Fat  8.3%

Carbohydrates 24.6


After Dinner Mint Chocolate Chip

After Eight Mints with Chocolate Chips blended in a Milky Frozen Dessert. 

Serving Size 90g / 730kj

Protein 3.1%

Fat 9%

Carbohydrates 24.9%



Serving Size 90g / 724kj

Protein 3.2%

Fat 8.8%

Carbohydrates 24.4%


SeaSalt Caramel

Serving Size 90g / 791kj

Protein 3.1%

Fat 8.9%

Carbohydrates 29.6%


White Chocolate Raspberry

Serving Size 90g / 724kj

Protein 3.2%

Fat 8.8%

Carbohydrates 24.4

Heading 1

Grated flakes of coconut throughout this milky frozen dessert treat.   

A lush combination of sweet and salty with a mild pinch of sea salt making this a satisfying delight,



Serving Size 90g / 665kj

Protein 3%

Fat 8.1%

Carbohydrates 23.2%


Black Doris Plum Sorbet

Serving Size 90g / 484kj

Protein .4%

Fat .2%

Carbohydrates 29.4%

38% Fruit 


Passionfruit Sorbet

Serving Size 90g / 442kj

Protein .1%

Fat .1%

Carbohydrates 28%

23% Fruit

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